1 year follow-up, QC Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ:QCCO)

QCCO has been in the portfolio for one year and it’s time to do a follow-up. Price has fluctuated during the year and is at the moment -17% (including dividends). The total dividend during the year was 0.075 $.

The share had a 52-week high of 2.68 $, which was equal to a 60 % gain. Still, a bit short of my get-out early trigger and now the share is in the red.

Glancing the key ratios and balance sheet the share still looks ok, so it will stay in the portfolio one more year.

Q3-14 Q4-15
Price 1.67 $ 1.3 $
F-Score 4 8
Z-Score 3.0 3.6
P/NCAV 0.59 0.5